Radium Creation Limited is a name that is built on the values of quality, design, innovation and craftsmanship. With a production capacity of over 60 tons of Fashion jewellery annually craftsmanship, we implement high-end sophisticated German/Chinese machines for production. Additionally, the whole process of manufacturing is operated, supervised & run by specialists & experts. At present, the Company exports to over 54 different countries and has strength of 2000+ employees. We employ trained designers from leading design schools, engineers, technicians and master craftsmen, and a team of over twenty consultants to create exquisite jewellery designs to meet the business needs of our customers and business partners.

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Our designing team is always in a quest to introduce new designs in a very innovative manner.

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The production, manufacturing and Quality Control of our product is all attained in house by our local and international partners

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Radium Creation Limited works with an approach to provide best merchandising team, which can contribute best services to their clients at all times.