About Our Company

Welcome to Radium Creation Limited, one of the biggest fashion jewelry manufacturers and exporters in India.

Radium Creation Limited established in 1991, with just 3 employees and today it has evolved into a 2000 employee, straight 667 times increase in workforce. It has 26 years of history in manufacturing and exporting of fashion jewelry to more than 54 counties around the world and we are the only company in this field with single roof production and QC facility in India with a state of the art manufacturing facility at Gujarat. The company’s products and services are to the international standard and our policy is to build and maintain business relations with better service and quality products.

Our designing team is always in a quest to introduce new designs in a very innovative manner.

The production, manufacturing and Quality Control of our product is all attained in house aided by our local and international partners

Radium Creation Limited works with an approach to provide best merchandising team, which can contribute best services to their clients at all times.



1991 ‐‐Year of Incorporation , with 2 founders under the name of Radium Impex

2003 ‐ Awarded with 100% EOU (Export Oriented Unit.) and expanded to a new facility with over 300 workforce under the name of Radium Creation

2008 - Started a new Unit in Navi Mumbai over 60,000 sq.ft

2009 –Awarded Best 100 % EOU in India (Fashion Accessorizes) and expanded to second facility with over 500 workforce.

2010 –Forge Technical and Marketing Collaboration with Korean Experts to become fully vertically integrated

2012 ‐ Ventured into new production processes by being first Indian company to have full fledge spin, brass die casting and CNC Setup, State of Art Electroplating with Korean Technology & Chemicals, Full in house new product development with Spray coating, Resin making, Glass Making , hormica , CNC machinery

2014 - Expanded new unit in Gujarat over 60,000 sq.ft - thus having over 1,20,000 sf of factory space

2018 - Further expansion of Excusive electroplating plant at Gujarat to enhance our manufacturing process.


A few points on Production Process

Full Fledge Spin, Brass casting, Die casting and CNC Setup

State of Art Electroplating with Korean Technology (the world leaders in electroplating)/Chemicals

Full in house New Product Development with Spray Coating, Resin Making, Glass Making , Hormica , CNC Machinery


Company Mission

Bring Radium Creation Limited to the first and best choice for fashion jewelry in international Market.
Maintain and improve the business of manufacturing and exporting high fashion jewelry & accessories to different parts of the globe.
To remain a fully integrated company, which would help to manufacture superior quality products at a very competitive international market and thus gaining a large market share.
To comply with law of land and ethical training guidelines, both by the letter and the spirit.
To be the best sought out place for employment.


To be a dynamic, self evolving organization which changes as per trends and technology and in the sense as Fashionable as Fashion is.
To be a world class manufacturer of jewelry offering the latest designs and impeccable quality and services to our costumer.
To cater to all price points of fashion accesssorizes as per the need arises